Pharmaceutical & Laboratory

  • Severn Trent Laboratories New Environmental Laboratory Programming
    lead the programming for 22,500 SF of environmental testing laboratory space in a tenant fit-up project. Analyzed laboratory sample process flow, and prepared a ”bench-foot” program reflecting an optimized process configuration. Conducted the work through Freeman-French-Freeman Architects.

  • Johnson & Johnson Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Donor Screening / Gel Line Conceptual Planning
    Analyzed configuration of existing laboratory processes; created detailed process-based program and conceptual plan to assess feasibility of projected 19,000 SF lab and associated automated filling line for the production and fabrication of blood donor screening chemistry and ELISA arrays. Projected cost $6.6 million for substantial demolition, renovation and relocations.

  • Johnson & Johnson Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Technology Transfer Laboratory Facilities Upgrade Planning
    Analyzed process flow and program needs of a 4,486 SF pilot diagnostic testing laboratory, and prepared alternate concepts for configuration improvement.

  • Johnson & Johnson Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics RhoGAM Facility Upgrade Planning
    Analyzed the process flow and program requirements of an 8,880 SF drug production laboratory. Developed conceptual layouts to support process improvement including stricter “clean-to-cleaner” work flow and distinct separation of production stages, with separate, physically sequenced reagent preparation, testing and equipment cleaning areas. Administration was separated from production. Prepared material for CBE-30 filing.

  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Phase 1 Part 1 Site Master Plan Development
    Incremental development of Wyeth’s million SF facility at Rouses Point had resulted in inefficiencies in layout and operations.  A Site Master Plan had been prepared to address these issues. Stenford Associates was retained, in conjunction with Hallam-ICS, to develop the Phase One concept, which Wyeth Facilities saw as crucial to the success of subsequent stages. The resulting plan defined improved site and internal circulation, increased GMP and non-GMP separation, and improved future expansion capability. Work included multiple user group interviews, analysis of needs, programming, detailed conceptual layout and capital cost estimating.

  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Records Retention Center Feasibility Study
    Analyzed consolidation of storage, management and tracking of FDA compliance documentation from twenty-four departments into a single cGMP compliant location at the Rouses Point Facility. Project included benchmarking best practices, archive requirements for environmental controls, detailed site assessment, interviews and programming; preparation of alternate conceptual plans and budgets, including storage system. Proposed project would be 17,900 SF. Prepared with Hallam-ICS.

  • State of Vermont Health Dept. & Dept. of Public Safety Laboratory Co-location Feasibility Study
    Programming and issue analysis of the feasibility of co-locating or combining the operations of the state's public health and crime laboratories. The study included detailed space program and narrative for the Department of Health Lab, analysis of co-location / consolidation issues, estimate of probable cost ($24 million), and conceptual massing illustration of a possible 70,000 SF building.

  • IGC Superpower Super Conductor Production Clean Room Program Review
    Hallam-ICS and Stenford Associates were retained to review proposed improvements to a 5,900 SF cleanroom for prototype production of 2nd generation high temperature superconducting transmission cable. Review involved assessment of the proposed facility configuration including process flow and separations, associated testing limitations, cleanroom zoning, practice, access and circulation.

   Health Care

  • State of Vermont Department of Health Rutland Regional Office Space Planning
    Assessed existing and prepared alternate configurations for improvement to 5,100 SF of offices and clinic areas housing “Community Public Health” and “Children with Special Health Needs” clinics.

  • Health Care and Rehabilitation Services New White River Junction Office Planning
    Assessed possible suitability of several buildings for 7,000 SF community mental health service facilities program, and prepared conceptual plan illustrating the issues affecting the reuse of one of the sites.

  • Health Care & Rehabilitation Services Community Mental Health Clinic Facilities Planning Study & Action Plan
    Prepared a plan for consolidation and improved facilities for 42,500 SF of non-profit community mental health treatment programs and associated administrative functions from eight locations in three towns in southeastern Vermont. Program called for 28,300 and 7,000 GSF in two service regions. Analyzed current and consolidated program needs, prepared conceptual plan for consolidated offices, and assessed available sites. Prepared in two stages: facility study followed by action plan.

  • US Veterans Health Administration Outpatient Clinic Conceptual Plan
    Analyzed program and prepared plans for a new 9,950 SF outpatient clinic. Acted as owner representative for VHA / Richmond Group Partnership.

  • Sherman Hospital Operational Improvement Projects Project Management Services
    For $7 million in projects at Sherman Hospital, Elgin Ohio, including IT network installation


  • State of Vermont Department of Education Central Office Facilities Planning
    Analyzed issues and program requirements for consolidation of central offices with 190 positions into 30,900 projected SF. Department offices had become cramped, divided and poorly configured through years of making-do. The study required a thorough inventory of existing work areas, detailed proposed program and analysis of factors effecting the equitable projection of sections needs.

  • State of Vermont Department of Labor Central Office Consolidation Planning
    Analyzed program requirements and prepared alternate conceptual layouts including individual workstations for consolidation of offices from two locations housing 140 employees. The work included preparation of conceptual layouts for Vermont Interactive Television studio that was also to be co-located within the available 38,400 SF.

  • State of Vermont Supreme Court & State Library Facilities Planning Study
    Analysis of program needs and feasibility of renovating and restructuring 52,000 SF of existing historic State Supreme Court building and State Library areas so as to address crowding of court offices and the need for consolidation without adversely impacting the library’s functions.

  • State of Vermont Department of Health Central Office Consolidation & Reorganization Planning
    Analyzed existing and newly leased buildings, conducted user group meetings with multiple departments, refined project scope definition and prepared conceptual layouts for new and reconfigured area for central Department of Health offices affecting 238 employees.

  • State of Vermont Department of Health White River Junction Office Planning
    Assessment of program needs, and preparation of concept for expansion and reconfiguration of regional office.

  • State of Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles New Central Office Facilities Planning Study
    Prepared projection of space program requirements for a possible new 47,000 SF central office. Included discussion of associated functional and building requirements.

  • State of Vermont Banking, Securities and Health Care Administration Facilities Reconfiguration Studies
    Prepared several studies over a period of years as BISHCA expanded: including analysis, recommendations and conceptual plans for reorganization and expansion of 28,300 SF of offices.

  • State of Vermont Buildings & General Services Barre Courthouse and Office Building Space Planning Study
    Space programming and issue analysis including a possible reuse scenario for 17,000 SF of Vermont State offices including Corrections, Social and Rehabilitative Services, and States Attorney

  • State of Vermont Buildings & General Services Bennington State Office Building Space Programming
    Analysis and programming for 22,000 SF of renovation and expansion of a building to house Vermont State offices in downtown Bennington.

  • State of Vermont Department of Aging & Disabilities Studies for Improved Space Utilization
    Cost analysis, and scenarios for office workstation & record storage reorganization for 7,300 SF of Vermont State offices.

  • State of Vermont Buildings & General Services Brattleboro State Office Building Expansion Feasibility Study
    Prepared concepts for, and analysis of the issues and probable costs of substantially expanding an existing 20,000 SF Vermont State office building on a constrained site.

  • State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Space Planning Study
    Analysis and recommendations for improved space utilization of 124,000 net square feet of State of Vermont office space

  • State of Vermont Buildings & General Services Capitol Complex Space Reuse Study
    Scenarios for reuse of 100,000 SF of Vermont State buildings in Montpelier VT

   Higher Education

  • Dartmouth College Life Science Facilities Cost Study
    Benchmarking of capital construction cost factors at peer colleges, universities, and biotech facilities to provide financial comparison for discussion of a roughly $100 million new research and teaching facility.

  • Dartmouth College Residential Life Facilities Cost Study
    Analysis and benchmarking of capital construction cost factors affecting residential life facility construction at 47 Colleges & Universities


  • Ski Rack / Downhill Edge Programming & Space Utilization Planning
    Developed conceptual plan for the physical and operational integration of two retail businesses.

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