“How” we work is as important as “What” we do

Our work is distinguished as much by our approach as it is by the specific services we offer. The focus of that approach can be described as follows.

Grounded: We pay simultaneous attention to the three bases of effective facilities planning.

  • Business: We maintain a continuous focus on the business objectives and operational needs that drive the project. All work is developed in the context of those needs.  Budgets and Schedules are defined and respected.

  • Facilities: We begin with solid assessments of your buildings, systems and site; and deliver capital plans and project definitions that are clear, imaginative and thorough. You know where you stand, and how to make the most effective facilities investments.

  • People: Strategic capital and project planning are change management opportunities. We foster “Can-do” attitudes towards prospective change. Diplomacy, productive relationships, and accurate communication minimize unspoken agendas and foster clear sign-off by all stakeholders.

Diplomatic: Contact by your management and staff with the facilities planner is often the first introduction to an issue or planning process. Our conduct of interviews and communication builds confidence in the planning effort from the beginning to the final presentation.

Definitive: Effective planning must balance between “grand hand waving” and “paralysis by analysis.” We respect equally the essential detail necessary to carefully assess existing conditions, and the clear presentation of the broader implications and major components of our findings.

Proactive: We are dedicated to the early identification of issues, opportunities and costs.

Focused: Facilities planning is our business: our clients always receive the “A team”, not less experienced staff assigned to the task by a principal who introduces the firm and then moves on. With Stenford Associates you always receive the attention of the principal who is a dedicated facilities planner.

Quality: Planners are required to be generalists.  To be able to achieve high quality, creative planning, one must draw carefully and intelligently from multiple disciplines, both technical, financial, and human resources; in order to make concrete recommendations.

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