Introduction - Planning for Project Success

Dedication: Stenford Associates is dedicated to providing Facilities Planning services. We work with Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Governmental and Higher Education clients at the beginning stages of project, strategy and budget development. We provide clearly defined facilities program requirements; concise feasibility analysis; clear, well-developed concepts and alternatives; and sound capital plans for our clients before they make major design and construction expenditures.

Your First Resource: By choosing Stenford Associates as your first resource, you chose to bring dedicated professional judgment to a proactive facilities planning process.

Start Right: Clear analysis and definition of program needs, costs and schedule is the basis for sound decision-making. You avoid back-tracking and unnecessary headaches, dissatisfaction and disruption; you save time and facilitate subsequent design and construction work.
Build Consensus: We strive continually to be both diplomatic and precise. From initial information gathering through analysis and presentation; our planning process facilitates understanding of project issues, shared ownership and creates a consensus for action from all stakeholders.
Follow through: Our services are grounded in experience with the delivery of successful projects, from the beginning of budgeting and planning through RFP’s, bidding, construction and occupancy. We simultaneously consider the broader vision and the practical reality of how to implement projects in the day-to-day world of on-going production, budgets and short schedules.
An Integrated Assessment: Facilities’ planning is multi-faceted. We base our recommendations on analysis of the relationship between your processes, facilities, business and personnel.
Strategic Capital Planning: Facilities must do more than house your business: they must advance it. Our analysis provides the foundation to proactively link your facilities investments to your strategic business plans. They serve as the basis for sound decisions and well-executed projects.
Clarity: Hard work and sharp analysis must also be clearly articulated. Our studies are designed to “stand on their own.”
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